Wifi signal jammer

Briefcase 8 Bands 4G Mobile Phone signal jammer, WiFi GPS Jammer UHF VHF Jammer with Remote Control 

PCB-2068B USA( 8 Bands) PCB-2068B  EUR( 8 Bands) PCB-2068B  GPS( 8 Bands) PCB-2068B( 8 Bands) 850-895MHz: 3W 130-180MHz: 3W GPS L1 1575.42 MHz±10MHz: 1.5W 130-205MHz: 3W 920-965MHz: 3W 400-470MHz: 3W GPS L2 1227.60 MHz±10MHz: 1.5W 205-275MHz: 3W 1800-1990MHz: 3W 920-965MHz: 3W GPS L3 1381.05 MHz±10MHz: 1.5W 275-345MHz:3W 2100-2170MHz: 3W 1800-1890MHz: 3W GPS L4 1379.913 MHz±10MHz: 1.5W 345-415MHz: 3W WiFi 2400-2480MHz:1.5W 2100-2170MHz: 3W GPS L5 1176.45 MHz±10MHz: 1.5W 415-500MHz: 3W 4G LTE USA iPhone (AT&T & Verizon) 700-800MHz: 2W WiFi 2400-2480MHz:1.5W 920-965MHz: 3W(850-895MHz) 920-965MHz: 3W(850-895MHz) 4G WiMAX USA Sprint 2500-2700MHz:1.0W 4G LTE WiMAX2 Europe 2620-2690MHz: 1.0W 1800-1890MHz: 3W(1920-1990MHz) 1800-1890MHz: 3W(1920-1990MHz) GPS: L1 1575.42Mhz: 1.5W 790-870MHz4G LTE 2100-2170MHz: 3W 2100-2170MHz: 3W Total: 18.0 W Total: 19.0 W Total 16.5 W Total: 24.0 W Option: Remote/Alarm Control 315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz, GPS L2 L3 L4 L5,, LoJack 173MHz,SAT Sattellite Phones 1520-1670MHz, 11.a WiFi 5.1-5.5GHz, 5.5-5.9GHz, 3.5-3.7GHzAll Frequency can mix very Flexible, Each module/Band is independent Adjustable Output Power each Band/Channel, Max Output Power to 0 (OFF)Remote Control (Work when the case is close) Power supply: AC100-240V Jamming Range Radius10~40 meters (-75dBm@Omnidirectional antennas) Weight 9.0Kg Dimension: 430*350*120 mm Contuine Using Time: 2-3 Hours, Can support use while battery charging12V/20AH, 6A Battery Charger Antenna 210mm long for higher frequency / 380mm Long for 130-180MHz


5G 10 bands desktop mobile phone signal jammer, block 2G/3G/4G, Lojack, WIFI, GPS, range up to 70m

5G 10 bands desktop mobile phone signal jammer, block 2G/3G/4G, Lojack, WIFI, GPS, range up to 70mThe 10 antennas desktop jammer is high power jammer with 6-10W output power each channel, it is special model for jamming the cell phone ,GPSL1.WIFI.5.8G Lojack signals. It is a private model designed by JinYaTong Technology. Features1. Shielding signals Large coverage: covering all 2G, 3G,4G,2.4G WIFI,GPS  cell phone signals, it can meet your requirement to jam most general Cell phone frequencies2. High output power: up to 10W output powers each channel. Shielding range: 20~80m at -75 dBm signal strength.3. Intelligent cooling system: It has good cooling system with 9 cooling fans inside: there are 2 fans on the top side; the fans do not work immediately while the jammer is turned on, it will start running auto when the host surface temperature raising to 50℃ to make sure the device working steadily. 4. Low noise.5. Output power adjustable (cover range adjustable): The output power of each band can be adjustable with the button on side to control the cover range.6. 7*24 hours' Work non-stopped.7. Vehicle-mounted available: DC 24V power for vehicle usage.8. Frequency Customized: 315MHz,433MHz,868MHz,1170-1280MHz,1370-1390MHz,5100-5680MHz,5680-5900MHz,3400-3600MHz,3600-3800MHz.9. Various Application: classroom of school to avoid exam cheat;Gas station to keep in secure; Meeting room to keep in secret etc. Notice: If you want to use this device in car, pls buy an inverter of DC12V/24V to AC110-240V, Power≥280Watts.

Alarm System Defeated By $2 Wireless Dongle, Nobody Surprised

It seems a bit unfair to pile on a product that has already been roundly criticized for its security vulnerabilities. But when that product is a device that is ostensibly deployed to keep one’s family and belongings safe, it’s plenty fair. And when that device is an alarm system that can be defeated by a two-dollar wireless remote, it’s practically a responsibility. The item in question is the SimpliSafe alarm system, a fully wireless, install-it-yourself system available online and from various big-box retailers. We’ve covered the system’s deeply flawed security model before, whereby SDRs can be used to execute a low-effort replay attack. As simple as that exploit is, it looks positively elegant next to [LockPickingLawyer]’s brute-force attack, which uses a $2 RF remote as a jammer for the 433-MHz wireless signal between sensors and the base unit. With the remote in close proximity to the system, he demonstrates how easy it would be to open a door or window and enter a property guarded by SimpliSafe without leaving a trace. Yes, a little remote probably won’t jam the system from a distance, but a cheap programmable dual-band transceiver like those offered by Baofeng would certainly do the trick. Not being a licensed amateur operator, [LockPickingLawyer] didn’t test this, but we doubt thieves would have the respect for the law that an officer of the court does. The bottom line with alarm systems is that you get what you pay for, or sadly, significantly less. Hats off to [LockPickingLawyer] for demonstrating this vulnerability, and for his many other lockpicking videos, which are well worth watching. Thanks to [fede.tft] for the tip.



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