Why is the thicker the synthetic resin tile, the cheaper the price?

Why is the thicker the synthetic resin tile, the cheaper the price?

Weight range of synthetic resin tiles:
    The density of the synthetic resin tile is about 1.2 to 1.4.
  (2.0mm thickness) The weight is about 2.4-2.8 kg/m2
  (2.5mm thickness) The weight is about 3.0-3.5 kg/m2.
  (3.0mm thickness) The weight is about 4.0-4.5 kg/m2.
    Those with a weight exceeding these values ​​are inferior synthetic resin tiles, so the thicker the heavier the cheaper the cheaper synthetic resin tiles
 The strength and life span of the 2.0mm thickness of synthetic resin tiles are much greater than the 3.0mm thickness of inferior synthetic resin tiles

  The reasons are as follows:
  Tiles made of synthetic resin are called "synthetic resin tiles", and there are currently more than a dozen "synthetic resin tiles" manufacturers in the domestic market.
   Different brands of "synthetic resin tiles" have very different performance indicators.
   The reason is that the ratio of synthetic resin to filler in synthetic resin tiles and fillers (mostly fillers use light calcium carbonate and heavy calcium carbonate, commonly known as lime and stone powder, actually this kind of tile is called calcium plastic tile).
   The price of synthetic resin is several thousand to ten thousand yuan per ton, while the price of filler (lime) is two hundred to four hundred yuan per ton.
   In order to reduce product cost, some manufacturers reduce the proportion of synthetic resins during the product manufacturing process and increase the proportion of filler (that is, lime).
   After the high-filled synthetic resin tile (inferior quality synthetic resin tile) all quality indicators will appear to decline.
   It's like milk with melamine. It looks like milk, but the nutrients are different.
   Inferior synthetic resin tiles, due to the addition of a lot of filler (lime), the thinness is not strong enough, and it is fragile and deformed. Only the filler is used to make the thickness to compensate, and at the same time it causes the illusion of large thickness and good performance for the user.
   However, the characteristics of the material determine the characteristics of the product. The high-fill inferior synthetic resin tiles increase in weight, are brittle, and are not tough enough. Poor weather resistance is prone to aging, and the life is greatly shortened.
The ratio of synthetic resin tile to synthetic resin is as high as 90%, light weight, high strength, toughness, impact resistance, weather resistance and aging resistance.
   Therefore, the strength of 2.0-thick real synthetic resin tiles is much greater than that of 3.0-thick inferior synthetic resin tiles.

Why is the thicker the synthetic resin tile, the cheaper the price?
Why is the thicker the synthetic resin tile, the cheaper the price?

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