Maintaining The Screw Extrusion System In Two Situations.

Maintaining The Screw Extrusion System In Two Situations

Plastic cone double extruder is divided into double screw extruder and single screw extruder.The screw extrusion system is maintained in two ways: daily maintenance and regular maintenance
Common sense of daily maintenance of twin screw extruder
Daily maintenance is a regular routine work, which does not account for the operation time of the equipment, and is usually completed during the start-up period. The key point is to clean the machine, lubricate all moving parts, fasten the thread parts that are easy to loosen, check and adjust the motor, control instrument, all working parts and pipelines in time.
The screw can only be started at low speed, and the idling time shall not exceed 3 minutes.
 After using the machine for a period of time, a comprehensive inspection shall be carried out to check the tightness of all screws.
When opening the barrel cover or air extraction cover, prevent foreign matters from falling into the main engine.
After the extruder is used for 500 hours, there will be iron scraps or other impurities in the reduction gearbox. Therefore, clean the gears and replace the lubricating oil of the reduction gearbox.
If it is found that the direction of the instrument and pointer is full, it is necessary to check whether    the contact of the equilateral line of the thermocouple is good.
No sundries are allowed in the material. It is strictly forbidden for hard materials such as metal, sand and stone to enter the hopper and extruder.
In case of power interruption in production, the main drive and heating stop. When power supply is restored, each section of the barrel must be reheated to the specified temperature and kept warm            for  a period of time before starting the extruder.
There should be enough warm-up time, and the manual operation should be light and quick before        starting. Generally, the constant temperature shall be kept for 2 hours after reaching the process set        temperature.
Designate special personnel to be responsible for equipment maintenance. Detailed records of each      maintenance and repair shall be included in the plant equipment management file.

Maintaining The Screw Extrusion System In Two Situations.
Maintaining The Screw Extrusion System In Two Situations.

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