Three ways to reinforce synthetic resin tiles

Three ways to reinforce synthetic resin tiles

Synthetic resin tiles are mainly used in residential buildings with high decoration requirements. Compared with other materials, synthetic resin tiles have strong weather resistance and corrosion resistance, and their service life is very long, so they have been built. Recognized by most people in the industry. Under what circumstances does roofing require synthetic resin tile reinforcement?
Case 1: It is assumed that the construction such as residential areas is built in an earthquake area or an area that is often hit by strong winds. In these areas that are often subject to natural disasters and can constitute a certain degree of sensation, synthetic resin tiles are required to reinforce the roof.
Case 2: It is assumed that the roof slope exceeds 50 degrees. In this case, the use of synthetic resin tiles also requires reinforcement.
Case 3: The corrugated tiles on the cornice, gutter, and sides of the roof should also be properly reinforced. Proper reinforcement of the roof can improve the service life of synthetic resin tiles, and can also increase the safety of their use. When using synthetic resin tiles, consider the characteristics of the address area, and then choose whether to use synthetic resin according to the characteristics of this area. The tiles are reinforced.
The reasons for the uneven appearance of the synthetic resin tile roof are as follows:
After understanding the reasons for the unevenness of the resin tile, you need to maintain it, and adopt these precautionary measures to prevent the unevenness, which can be prevented from the following aspects.
Three ways to reinforce synthetic resin tiles
Three ways to reinforce synthetic resin tiles

1. Synthetic resin tiles should use high-quality plates, such as Kunbao resin tiles.
2. The keel should be straight and should not be misunderstood and there should be nodal scars that penetrate the cross section laterally.
3. The method of resin tile equipment should be leveled on the surrounding wall according to the design elevation. When nailing, the surrounding line shall prevail. The height of the arch connected to the horizontal line shall be 1/200 of the short span of the room. .
4. Resin tiles should use the national standard 3.0mm, purlin distance 660m.

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