Synthetic resin tile equipment

Synthetic resin tile equipment

Chengdu synthetic resin tiles are made from imported high-weather-resistant engineering project epoxy resin ASA raw materials. Cement tile has the advantages of long-term hue, light weight, self-moisture resistance, perseverance, thermal insulation, anti-hail, pollution resistance, low-carbon environmental protection, fire safety, insulation, and easy installation. Moreover, the shape design is beautiful and generous, and the color tone has traditional Chinese elements, which makes it widely used in the design of flat roof decoration of various engineering buildings, especially at the current stage of the "ping to slope" project.
Synthetic resin tile equipment
Synthetic resin tile equipment

    The more common methods at this stage are as follows:
  Method one: roast with fire.
    Ignite a corner of Chengdu's synthetic resin tile with fire. After the fire leaves, the flame immediately dies. The flame of fake and shoddy synthetic resin tile has the tendency to spread and has a great irritating taste. The reason is: adding a lot of counterfeit and shoddy synthetic resin tiles of heavy calcium carbonate in order to make the goods have the necessary flexibility, in which flame retardants are added, and such modifiers have a burning effect, then the goods are not in line with fire protection Safety regulations and poor resistance to aging can cause cracking under direct sunlight.
  Method two: Hand tapping and beating.
     Synthetic resin tiles have a soft color, and there is a low sense of board-to-board beating; fake and inferior imitation synthetic resin tiles have a nervous grip. The sound of board-to-board beating sounded crisp.
  Method 3: Check if the supplier has an inspection report
   The national standard specifications of cement tiles are generally 0.88M and 0.96M, the thickness is 3MM, the net weight per square meter is 6KG, and the standard cement tile will issue the relevant inspection report of its National Organic Chemical Building Decoration Material Testing Center when it is purchased.
    Sichuan synthetic resin tile is a new building material developed by applying high-tech organic chemistry and chemical technology. It has several high-quality features such as light weight, high compressive strength, moisture-proof and waterproof, anti-corrosion and flame-retardant, noise and noise reduction and heat insulation , Widely applicable to economic development zone flat to slope, farmer's wholesale market, large shopping malls, residential quarters, new rural planning residents villas, canopies, awnings, ancient building materials, etc.
    The resin material is a kind of artificially high content polymer, which is a kind of epoxy resin which possesses or exceeds the characteristics of natural resin. In specific applications, it is not only used synonymously with polymers or even plastics, but also refers to the basic raw materials that are converted from a single reaction based on polymerization without adding any modifier or only a small amount of modifier. In addition, it is sometimes used as a raw material for flow-able thermosetting plastic polymers which means not dried.

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