Customize and Design a whole production Melt blown equipment

Customize and Design a whole production Melt blown equipment

PMT is capable to build high performance Melt blown equipment, such as launching a new production line, designing to increase production capacity etc. We can design and produce entire device, and customize everything to meet your demand. We have experience to build machine, application include filter mask , medical use, bio-medical material and small-scale of equipment for R&D purposes. Please feel free to contact us if you have any demand.

Range of customization

    Polymer Auto-supply system (automation)
    Extrusion devices
    Screen changer
    Gear pump unit
    T-die (Single polymer & Conjugate type)
    Collection device (Conveyor / Drum)
    Winding machine

“We have 10 different types of Meltblown equipment to support customer’s product development, product verification before the instration and prodct improvement.All of the Melt-blown equipment is order-made. We design the machines according to customer requirements, from individual devices to all specifications. Please feel free to contact us if you have any demand.”


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