Two layers co extruder plasatic extruder for synthetic resin tile making

Two layers co extruder plasatic extruder for synthetic resin tile making

Two layer co extruder plasatic extruder for synthetic resin tile making
Two layer co extruder plasatic extruder for synthetic resin tile making

PVC resin tile two-layer technology configuration

Main technical parameters of the equipment:
1. Production material:PVC pellet(mainly)
2. Product widthL=1050mm;
3. Product thicknessδ=1-3mm;
4. Capacity 500Kg/H;
5. Conditions of workThe power is 380V/3 phase/50Hz (except for special instructions)
1.Screw feeder                   1set
2.80 plastic extruder              1set
3.mold  1300                   1set
4.Mold trolley                   1set
5.Embossing machine                1set
6.45 co-extruder                 1set
7.Forming machine 30 pair            1set
8.Cutting machine                  1set
9.Storage frame(Bracket)             1set
10.50Kg Dry feeding                1set
In addition, the auxiliary equipment and tax-included unit price are required: mixing machine 300-600Kg USD11400, 500-1000Kg USD16000, grinding machine USD 12000, PS1000 crusherUSD 4700; PS12000 crusher USD 4900, oven USD 2100, engraving machine with mold USD 3500, auxiliary equipment for reference only, customers can customize.
(一)80/156 conical twin-screw extruder
A、Extrusion system: (screw-screwdriver): It is designed by our company, and it is made by several major domestic brands according to the drawing of the work company. The manufacturer of the present cooperation is: Zhejiang Demag. Can also be customized according to the requirements of the customer.
1.1.1 Screw diameter:Ø80mm  Ø156mm
1.1.2 Design output:350kg--600kg/h
1.1.3 The screw structure is specially designed for PVC powder, which is rotated in the opposite direction and rotating speed by means of conical bite. :1-37r/min)
1.1.4 Screw material: high quality alloy steel-38CrMoAI extrusion section bimetallic high wear resistance, after high temperature nitriding treatment, nitriding depth: 0.6-0.7mm surface hardness HV740-940
1.1.5 Internal circulation control of screw。
1.1.6 Tube material: high quality alloy steel-38CrMoAI extrusion section bimetallic high wear resistance, after high temperature nitridation treatment, nitridation depth: 0.6-0.7mm surface hardness HV740-940.
1.1.7 Cylinder temperature control system Heating area: cast aluminum heating ring + stainless steel surface shell + cooling fan Cooling device: the fan is provided with air as a medium to provide accurate temperature control Number of heating zones:5 zones, total heating power of 33KW, temperature range of 50-400 ℃ Cooling fan power:4 sets of 0.55 KWx4 stations and four zones with water cooling. Quality assurance of screw barrel: advanced processing, detection equipment, strict heat treatment control process, and guarantee for 1 year under the condition of using national standard formula.
B、Quantitative feeding system:
1.2.1 Adopt stainless steel feed hopper 
1.2.2 Quantitative feeding setting
1.2.3 Feed motor power: 1.5KW three-phase asynchronous motor, connected to micro pendulum transmission, motor speed 10 ≤ 1450r min, feed screw speed range: 1-50r/min
1.2.4 Speed control of feeding device, controlled by domestic brand AC frequency converter (frequency converter brand: Shenzhen Huichuan)
C、vacuum pumping hardware
1.3.1 Vacuum pump: two parallel water ring vacuum pumps, which can meet the needs of abnormal conditions. (brand: Zhejiang Yuhuan)
1.3.2 Vacuum pump power: 2.2kw * 2 sets
1.3.3 Vacuum pump motor working mode: three - phase asynchronous motor.
1.3.4 Vacuum: 0-0.075Mpa
D、Transmission deceleration system (origin: Jiangyin)
1.4.1 Adopt special high torque reducer
1.4.2 Water-cooling and cooling device
1.4.3 Reduction box gear material: 20CrMoTi, gear reduction, tooth surface combination of hard tooth fabric, gear carburizing and grinding
1.4.4 Using German technology, long service life, low noise, low heat
1.4.5 The main motor is connected to the reducer through a shaft coupling.
1.4.6 Distribution box: from uniaxial torque output to biaxial torque output through superbevel gear
E、Main motor system:
1.5.1 AC main motor (brand: domestic well-known brand)
1.5.2 main motor power: 55kw, 380v50Hz
1.5.3 Main motor speed control mode: controlled by the imported brand AC frequency converter
1.6.1 Overall size of the extruder:4750 X1550X2466mm
1.6.2 Central height: 1000 ±50mm
1.6.3 Weight of main machine: 5000kg
F、 electric control system
1.7.1 optimized design of electrical control cabinets
1.7.2 Japan imported brand temperature control meter, the control system adopts PID type temperature fluctuation self-tuning regulation(temperature control meter:Fuji, Japan).
1.7.3 AC frequency conversion adopts brand-name high-performance frequency converter, Huichuan
1.7.4 Schneider or Siemens AC contactor
1.7.5 Emergency stop device and alarm system
H. detection range of alarm system
1.8.1 Over-current protection alarm function
1.8.2 Automatic alarm parking function of screw shedding and loosening
(二)SJ 45/33 Co - extruder.
2.1.1 External dimension: (length x width x high)2250 mmx1490mmx1300mm
2.1.2 Weight of complete machine: 800Kg
2.1.3 Reducer manufacturer: hard tooth surface gearbox (product origin: Jiangyin)
2.1.4 Temperature control curve form: PID control.
2.1.5 Temperature control meter, speedometer producing area: the temperature control meter adopts Fuji, Japan.
2.1.6 Mechanism and die flange configuration mode: flange mode, bolt connection
2.1.7 Operation table data display mode: digital display instrument
B、barrel screw
2.2.1 Screw diameter:45 mm, length-diameter ratio 33, screw rotation speed:4-75r/ min, screw nitriding depth: 0.3-0.6mm
2.2.2 The charging barrel is processed by the advanced technology, is tested by the nitriding treatment and detection equipment, and is certified by the IS09002 quality system, the nitriding depth of the charging barrel is 0.4-0.7mm, the whole section of the charging barrel is integral, the resistance heating and the four sections are heated, the two sections of the rear section are provided with a 180-W fan, each section is 2.5KW, and the production area is Zhejiang Zhoushan.
C、Reduction box(Gear box) 
2.3.1 The power of the main drive motor is 15KW, the working mode of the motor is the AC motor, the seal of the import framework oil seal, the high-performance frequency conversion adjustment control of the famous brand, and the brand: Huachuan
2.4.1 The volume of hopper plastic dryer is 100L, and the drying quantity is 50Kg with automatic feeding system.

(二)Embossing roller set

3.1.1 center height :1150mm
3.1.2 Maximum linear velocity:4.5m/min
3.1.3 transmission power :1.5KW
3.1.4 Upper and lower roller diameter:Ø292x1400mm
3.1.5 Roller length:1400mm
3.1.6 Material of roller cylinder:45 # steel is treated by quenching and tempering
3.1.7 Roller surface hardness: above HRC50
3.1.8 Hard chromium plating on roller surface (depth 0.10 ≤ 0.15)
3.1.9 Roller surface roughness:0.025µm
3.1.10 Roller internal structure: roller internal using multi-head spiral flow channel structure design to ensure uniform roll temperature.
3.1.11 Roller adjustment mode: Huichuan frequency conversion adjustment system.
3.1.12 Pneumatic component brand: domestic well-known brand
(四)、Glazed tile forming machine: 
A、 Product specification: glass tile sample, total width 1050 or 880 mm, wave distance 160 mm, wave height 30 mm, single pitch 250mm arbitrary length.
B、 Forming method: the upper and lower template is used for drawing and molding, the length of the template is 1070 mm, the width is 216 mm, and the material is cast aluminum, and the molding surface of the template is polished and processed.
C、 Transmission mode: adopting the stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, the electric power is 5.5KW, the worm wheel and the worm speed change, the speed ratio is 60:1, the four guide post gear drives the rack to drive
D、 Lifting mode: four cylinder lifting, four guide column gear positioning, cylinder SC-160x100-MP4
E The moving parts of the forming machine are accurately positioned at four points, the high-speed operation is stable and the noise is low.
(五)Automatic cutting machine

A、 Cutting mode: alloy steel disc saw 3D cutting mode, circular diameter 350mm, longitudinal cylinder SC-50X1000-MP4, knife cylinder, SC-80X150-MP4, full touch screen intelligent control pitch, can store 20 groups of order data. It can be cut automatically and manually.
B、 The linear speed is 1.5 m / min. 4. 5 m.
C、 Electrical appliances: contactor using Schneider or Siemens, PLC programming control.
the frame adopts section steel welding parts, and the receiving frame is 6 meters long.
(7) flat die and distributor
A, material: die steel 5crNiMo
B, surface treatment: hard chromium plating, mirror polishing. (depth 0.02 ≤ 0.05)
C, effective width: 1300mm
D, extrusion thickness: 1.5-4mm
E, heating power: 20KW  
9. Other:
9.1 the design of the production line is about total power 150KW (the actual maximum power consumption is about 100KW/H).
9.2 the supplier is responsible for free assistance in installation, commissioning and personnel training. Three packages and one year after the equipment leaves the factory, and the equipment accessories are supplied at a preferential price one year later.
10. Quality assurance and after-sales service:
10.1 within one year of the warranty period [except the cylinder screw], due to the damage or loss of the equipment due to the reasons of the contractor, the hiree party has the obligation to assist the hirer in the aftertreatment and re-shipment, and the necessary expenses shall be borne by the hirer.
10.22 six plastic Machine Technology Co., Ltd. has a young but experienced after-sales service team, adhering to the principle of "excellence, customer first", to provide users with thoughtful and careful after-sales service work. Free of charge to provide users with plant infrastructure construction, equipment installation and other plans, free formula to help the demand side to solve the difficulties in the production process, to help you on the road to success.
10.3 We will win your trust and support with strong technical force, high quality products, reasonable price and thoughtful and fast service, as an unremitting and enterprising criterion.

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