Don't smoking in public again.

Don't smoking in public again.
Don't smoking in public again.
Maybe you have come across the situations that some come by and sit besides you and starting smoking without asking. This, it's so fucking horrible. So you may choose to leave him or her quietly cause you don't want to cause any problem.
Or maybe,you are strong enough to fight back and stand straight to him or her. And ask it to smoking in the smoking area,maybe you don't know any such place nearby, Not this place right now.
So,they might leave and apologize to you for bother. That's accept.
But... there are always some trashes in our society who don't understand how hard the non-smoking people to bear their stink smell.And that is so harmful human. You will just want to go away.
That's too young, you will meet them everywhere. Even if the office.The public area.
Can you imagine that? You may want to make a good environment there. But do remember to stand out for yourself. They do not deserve your kindness if they ignore your feelings.
Just ask them to stop fucking smoking in the office, nicely...maybe!
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