SJ45/33 co-extruder

SJ45/33 co-extruder

SJ45/33 co-extruder
2.1.1 Appearance size : (length*width*height) 2250mmx1490mmx1300mm
2.1.2 Whole machine weight:800Kg
2.1.3 Reducer manufacturer: hard tooth surface gearbox (product origin: Jiangyin)
2.1.4 Temperature control curve form:PIDcontrol
2.1.5 Temperature control meter, speedometer producing area: the temperature control meter adopts Fuji, Japan.
2.1.6 Arrangement of the flange of the organ and the die head: the flange method and the bolt connection
2.1.7 Operating table data display mode: digital display instrument

B、Cylinder screw  
2.2.1 Screw diameter ≥ 45mm, aspect ratio 33, screw speed: 4 ≤ 75r min, screw nitriding depth:0.3-0.6mm
2.2.2 The cylinder is processed by advanced technology, tested by nitriding treatment and testing equipment, and certified by IS09002 quality system. The nitriding depth of the cylinder is 0.4 × 0.7mm, the whole section of the cylinder is integral, the resistance is heated, the fourth stage is heated, the last two stages are 180W fan, each section is 2.5kW, and the origin is Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province.

C、reduction box
2.3.1 The power of the main drive motor is 15kW, the working mode of the motor is AC motor, imported skeleton oil seal, famous brand high performance frequency conversion adjustment control, brand: Huichuan
2.4.1 Hopper type plastic dryer with volume of 100L and drying capacity of 50Kg with automatic feeding system.

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