PVC ASA Glazed Tiles Production Machine / Synthetic Resin Tile Making Machine For Roof

PVC ASA Glazed Tiles Production Machine / Synthetic Resin Tile Making Machine For Roof

The roof panel machine consists of conical twin screw extruder, hanger-style flat die, size forming mould, hauling-off unit, pneumatic cutter and other auxiliary equipment.

Two Layer Co-extrusion PVC ASA Glazed Tile Making Machine / Plastic Roof Tile Making Machine 

Detailed instruction:
Raw material & Final product:

Raw material & formulationBottom layer: PVC powder, CaCO3, CPE, PE-WAX, Stearic acid, Compound stabilizer, ACR, paraffin.
Surface layer: ASA granule
Description final product & OutputTwo layers PVC+ASA Co-extrusion Glazed tile;

Output:300-400kg/h(Depending on CaCO3 proportion)
Final productMain tile:1set
Two layers PVC+ASA Roofing tile;
Width:720/880 /1040mm, Thickness: 2~3.0mm;
Wave distance:160mm; Wave height:28/30mm;
Wave length:220/250mm

Ridge tile:4sets

Work condition (Provide by customer)
Warehouse/WorkshopMachine Dimension (M*M*M): 25(Length)×5(width) ×3.5 (Height)
Crane: Machine positioning
Temperature & Humidity≤40℃, ≤95%
Power supply3-phase, 380 V, 50 Hz(or customized)
Wire/cables:Wires/cables from power supply to control cabinet of this production line;
Cooling Water hose/pipe:Water supply to machines and pools
Lubrication oil:Sinopec, Exxon mobile

Energy consumption
Installation powerTotal 284.75KW, Actual consumption about 70%
Suggested 200KVA transformer
Needing at least 150KVA transformer
Cooling Water≤20℃, ≥0.3Mpa, ~5-6tons/hr
Compressed air0.3m3/min, >0.6Mpa
Manpower3 Persons/shift

Machine list:

1Screw loader for extruder1setGlazed tile extrusion line

Ridge tile forming machine
2Conical twin-screw extruder(PVC)1set
3Vacuum loader and drying hopper1set
4Single screw extruder(ASA)1set
5Extrusion mould and distributor1set
6Embossing roller1set
7Temperature controller1set
8Glazed-tile forming machine1set
11Ridge tile Oven1set
12Ridge tile Forming machine and ridge tile mould4set

13Screw loader for Mixer1setAuxiliary equipment
14Mixer unit1set

Product advantage:
Heat insulation, sound insulation, water resistance, chemical and alkali resistance, corrosion proof, fire retardant, eco friendly, easy to install and move, light weight as well as cost effective in installation (as less steel and less overlap), as per the efficiency and benefits it provides.
It can withstand temperature upto 70 degrees Celsius to - 40 degrees Celsius.
PVC+ASA two layer co-extrusion Roofing tile. ASA layer for anti-UV for 20-30 years life.

Product application:
Product are used for Flat-to-sloping projects, villas, mobile homes, garden pavilion roof, farmers markets, shopping malls, residential areas, the new rural construction of luxury villas, awnings and antique buildings.

Work flow: 
Mixer for bottom layer(PVC powder, CaCO3, CPE, PE-WAX, Stearic acid, Compound stabilizer, ACR, paraffin)

Extrusion process: Conical twin-screw extruder for bottom layer-Single screw extruder for Surface layer(ASA)-Mould-surface embossing-Forming machine-cutter-stacker –Main tile

Oven-Ridge tile machine and mould-4sets Ridge tile

Crusher(waste material)-Pulverizer—Reuse again for extrusion line

Product installation method:
Metal supporting
Tool: screw, presser, Pressing cap, rubber ring, gasket

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