Thermal And Sound Insulation Weatherability Engineering Resin Roof Tile Forming Machine / PVC Tile Extruder

Thermal And Sound Insulation Weatherability Engineering Resin Roof Tile Forming Machine / PVC Tile Extruder

The roof panel machine consists of conical twin screw extruder, hanger-style flat die, size forming mould, high-efficiency vacuum pump, hauling-off unit, pneumatic cutter and other auxiliary equipment. 

Thermal And Sound Insulation Weatherability Engineering Resin Roof Tile Forming Machine / PVC Tile Extruder

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Enduring colorful:
use the high weatherability engineering resin as the surface material of the tile. In in the natural environment, our product possesses exceptional durability, under exposing to ultraviolet light, moisture, high and low temperature conditions, 30 years of the stability of color can be promised. Δ E ≤5.

Thermal and sound insulation:
synthetic resin roof tile’s coefficient of thermal conductivity is 0.293 w/m.k, about a third of clay tile, one fifth of 10 mm thick cement, one over two thousand of the color 0.5 mm steel. Phoneme determined through experiments show that, under heavy rain, hail, gale, such as the weather, synthetic resin roof tile still can absorb well.

select high weatherability resin, density and no water absorption, no water seepageproblems of micro porous, big size area, less roof seam, contact closely. Thus it has excellent waterproof performance, can save the waterproof layer.

synthetic resin roof tile’s main body material is PVC resin. Its chemical properties of materials determines its flame retardant properties, fire prevention performance achieve B1 level.

synthetic resin roof tile can resist acid and alkali, salt and other chemical corrosion. No chemical reaction under the experiment for alkali, salt, and less than sixty percent of the various kinds of acid for 24 hours .

Hard to break:
Another basic characteristic of impact resistance is not easy be broken by the natural force, because of we adopt high weather resistance resin with high impact resistance. The fall test shows that no crack by 1 kg of steel ball fall free from 3 m high, no broken with10 shock performance under low temperature.

synthetic resin roof tile is non-conductive and intact when accidental discharge.

Raw material & Final product from PVC plastic roof tile machine:
Raw material & formulationPVC powder, CaCO3, CPE, PE-WAX, Stearic acid, Compound stabilizer, ACR, paraffin
ASA granule
Central height:1050mm
Max. Haul-off speed:0.3-3m/min
Operation directionFrom right to left (face to the operation panel)
Machine colorsupplier standard or as per your request
Description final product & Output capacityTwo layers PVC+ASA Roofing tile;
Width: 880 /1050mm, Thickness: 1.5~3.0mm;
Wave distance: 160mm; Wave height: 28/30mm;
Output: 300-400kg/h(Depending on CaCO3 proportion)

Machine configuration
1Screw loader1set
2Conical twin screw extruder1set
3drying hopper1set
4Vacuum loader1set
5Single screw extruder1set
8Embossing roller1set
9Trimming device1set
10Forming machine1set

Auxiliary machine:
1Ridge tile(Top, oblique, TEE, end cap), oven, pressing machine4sets
3Screw loader1set


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