Plastic Recycle Roof Sheet Extruding Machine

Plastic Recycle Roof Sheet Extruding Machine

 The PVC corrugated roof making machine consists of conical conical screw extruder, JC time flat die, shaping mould, high-efficiency vacuum pump, hauling-off unit, pneumatic cutter and other auxiliary equipment....
Process flow:
PVC compounding Material --Mixer --Forced feeding--conical double screw extruder --mould & calibrator -- haul-off --cutter --stack

Advantage of PVC corrugated roof making machine
PVC roofing/glazed tile production line is in combination of conical twin screw and single screw extruder.
The special designed screw and mold make the extrusion property more stable and the plasticizing performance better.
The auxiliary machine line includes molding machine, automatic fixed-scale cutting machine, rack, haul off, etc.
The extruder jointed the auxiliary unit by die can be a highly efficient production line to continuously produce PVC plastic glazed tiles.

Main Parameter
Sheet sizeWidth(mm)900113012001300
T-type die headDie head width1050mm128013501450
Shape wavesRound waves or trapezoidal waves
Max extruderSJ-65 / 132 or 80 / 156 and 50SJ-80 / 156 or 92 / 188and 50
Max output250-5000kg/h450-700kg/h
Drive motor37kw/55kw55kw/110kw

The PVC corrugated roof making machine is mainly used in the production of plastic roofing tile, which is characterized by its semi transparence, bright color, no-easy color fading, high intensity, fire-proof performance, weather resistance, resistance to acid and alkali as well as organic solvent and low cost. The products are widely applied to the building construction on the decorative requirements and the gallery in the public places.

Machine after service
1. Machine installation and testing in customer factory.
2. Supply the professional formulation and technicians.
3. Workshop design guidance and base equipment preparation.
4. Operator do training in POLYTECH product factory or customer factory.
5. One key service to final user.
6. Give suggestion to customer about market, network promotion.
7. 12monthes guarantee and long life machine maintance.
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