Advantages and disadvantages of PVC tiles and resin tiles

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Advantages and disadvantages of PVC tiles and resin tiles

Characteristics of PVC tiles and resin tiles
(1) PVC tile features
1, in terms of price, it is more affordable and practical
2, fire resistance - oxygen index OI ≥ 32, is a flame retardant material;
3, anti-corrosion - chemical corrosion resistance, more than 3 times longer than zinc plate life;</br>
4, strong toughness - impact resistance, tensile resistance, not brittle;
5, weather resistance - due to the addition of UV anti-UV agent in the material, the product can really achieve anti-ultraviolet radiation, long life
6, low noise - the noise is extremely low when it rains, the noise of the metal roof panel is reduced by more than 30db;
7, portability - easy to install, transport, save time and effort;
8, beautiful - bright color, bright and colorful;
9, environmental protection - no asbestos-containing ingredients, no carcinogenic and other substances released.
1. Poor stability to light and heat
2. The melting temperature and decomposition temperature are very close, which makes the processing difficult and needs to be solved by additives.
3. Easy to fade when used outdoors
(2) Characteristics of resin tile
1, long-lasting color
Synthetic resin tile surface material is made of imported ultra-high weather resistant engineering resin. It has exceptional durability in the natural environment, and it maintains its color stability even under long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, moisture, heat and cold. According to the results of outdoor use in areas with strong sunlight and other areas such as Arizona and Florida, it is possible to ensure a ten-year color change of ΔE ≤ 5.
2, synthetic resin corrugated arc weather resistance test
The conclusions were obtained by irradiating the sample at an angle of 450 sunlight in different places.
3. The anti-load synthetic resin tile has good load carrying capacity.
In areas with low temperatures, synthetic resin tiles do not cause surface damage and breakage even if the roof is covered with snow all year round. After testing, with a support spacing of 660mm, loading 150kg, the tile will not crack and damage.
4, sound insulation is good
Tests have shown that synthetic resin tiles have a good effect of absorbing noise when subjected to external noise such as heavy rain or strong winds.
5, corrosion resistance
Synthetic resin tiles can resist corrosion of various chemicals such as acids, alkalis and salts for a long time. The experiment proves that there is no chemical reaction after soaking for 24 hours in salt, alkali and 60% of various acids. It is very suitable for use in acid rain-prone areas and coastal areas, and the effect is particularly remarkable.
6, fire prevention
Synthetic resin tile is a non-combustible material, which has been tested by the national fire protection authority according to the GB8624-2006 standard, and the fire performance is ≥B1.
7, impact resistance, low temperature resistance
Synthetic resin tiles have a strong external impact bearing capacity. After testing 1 kg of steel balls free fall from 3 meters high, no cracks will occur, and the impact resistance at low temperatures is also very significant. Founded in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, Plastic Machine Technology Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the plastic machine industry for several years, bringing together high-quality professional and technical backbones, and constantly exploring and researching products based on the enterprise spirit of “lasting, hard work and innovation”.
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