Corrugated pipe production line

One of our clients' workshop. 
last week,we visited many clients to collecting their feedback upon our products in field.This is a good chance for us to know our products better. sense we do not keep many documentary about those trade,so we are very hard to gain our new clients' trust even if we already have more than 10 years experiences in this industry. So i shot some video to show our new clients something for references. One of our stuff is still in Ethiopia when i'm writing this article.
This production line was made to produce the Corrugated pipe production line. Our experienced worker provide the formula for them. Now they are the biggest supplier in Sichuan who can supply this corrugated pipe. I'm not sure about the usage of it. But the owner told me that they are already sold some of them to the foreigner,not by themselves of course. Just like us before. 
  No matter who you are ,no matter what you are doing now, if you saw this.Just give me a feedback, this might be your chance to change your life state. You can always take the chance to start your own business. And we can help you.
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