material manufacturing part2(for PVC pipe production line)

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PMT(The revolutionaries and leader in the plastic machinery tech) Which have more than 10 years experiences in the manufacture the synthetic resin tiles production and PVC pipe extrusion line,window profile production line and PVC foam board extrusion line.
  PMT gather two experiences army equipment manufacturer which governed by Chinese government and both of them are high level experts. After this company established, PMT attracted 8 experienced directors who connected with relative company,like one of them worked 33 years for a company which engaged in manufacturing ASA Synthetic resin tile, He knows almost everything in this area,like the formula of tile,knowing which type of formula fit for your business blueprint. And others worked for PVC Pipe manufacturer/PVC foam board manufacturer/PVC profile manufacturer/WPC wood plastic furniture plates and building template producers...
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PMT-The revolutionaries and leader in the plastic machinery tech


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