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WPC profile production line

Wood Plastic Composite Machine|WPC Profile Extrusion Line

Description: The wood plastic composite products (WPC Production Line / Wood Plastic Composite Machine) and manufactured through extrusion process, which is ideal for bulk production. Besides, product diversity cab be obtained effortlessly-simply mounting different mold heads. We provide molds for different WPC profiles which are used as flooring, wall panel, skirting board, strips, bars and so on. The WPC profile extruder machine can choose the molds and replace by easy operation, efficient and effective WPC production is just at your fingertip.
Features:  The new plastic-wood composite is similar to wood in look, feeling and smell, but with better performance than wood.  Resistant to water, insects, corrosion and mildew.  Ideal for applications in high moisture environments.  Lightweight and durable.  Superior dimensional stability.  Recyclable to meet environmental protection requirements.  No surface finishing is required.  Functions …

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